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Transnet Pipelines (TPL) was established in 1965. We operate, manage and maintain a 3 800-kilometre,
high-pressure underground petroleum and gas pipeline network in South Africa.

We offer our customers a world-class, fully integrated, cost-efficient multi-product hydrocarbon pipeline Supply Chain Management Service from source to destination. We ensure safety to all stakeholders and the environment, reliability and consistency of delivery of product placed in our custody, on time and to our customers’ specifications.

Our network of pipelines are of strategic importance to the national economy of South Africa and are critical in maintaining a reliable, continuous and efficient supply of crude and refined products to industry. The uninterrupted gas supply is vital to consumers along the route.
TPL is one of five operating divisions within Transnet SOC Limited (the Transnet Group) which is wholly owned by the Government of the Republic of South Africa. The Transnet Group owns, operates and maintains the country’s ports, railway network, and pipeline network within South Africa.