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At TPL we are firmly committed to ensuring that whilst we strive toward achieving business targets and providing efficient pipeline facilities and services, this is not done to the detriment of the environment. We believe that our environment must be protected for current and future generations. Our vision is to successfully balance social, environmental and economic sustainability. This is also highlighted in our corporate Environmental Policy.

TPL is in the process of implementing a comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) based on the international ISO 14001 standard. This will ensure a systematic and organised approach to identifying environmental risks and impacts, as well as the necessary mitigation measures required to reduce or eliminate that risk. Furthermore, the EMS provides tools to ensure monitoring and tracking of the implementation of such measures.

TPL recognises that its activities and products handled have the potential to cause environmental pollution. TPL abides by relevant industry standards and protocols related to inspection and maintenance of pipes, tanks and bunded areas with the aim of preventing leaks or spills. Bunds have been constructed around manifolds so that contaminated water can be directed into spill dams where it is contained and managed.

TPL will, from time to time, need to expand or improve its facilities and infrastructure. The environmental department ensures that this is conducted in line with the relevant environmental legislation. Where required, Environmental Impact Assessments are conducted to ensure that new activities are thoroughly assessed, and all potential environmental, social and economic aspects are considered and addressed.

TPL recognises and accepts its role in managing environmental risks and delivering on its commitment to environmental sustainability.