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Metering of all products transported by TPL is done in compliance with American Petroleum Industry (API) standards as well as Custody Transfer Agreements. TPL prides itself on the fact that all transported product is accounted for.

All meters are calibrated using a meter prover and product is metered up to a remarkable 0,1% accuracy.

A metering database system accumulates data and generates delivery dockets, delivery reports and proof reports which enable the organisation to pinpoint any possible defects and losses.

In order to update old equipment to meet international standards and to offer existing clients a more streamlined service, TPL has embarked on a total station control revamp that will be telecontrolled. A state-ofthe-art Siemens System is being installed to automate the control of the pipeline.

The line is controlled remotely from the Head Office in Durban although delivery stations are manually controlled. Real-time pipeline modelling determines the location of any product in any part of the line at a specific time. The system also captures maintenance data and allows for automatic leak detection and batch tracking. Update times are four seconds from occurrence in the line to on-screen data display.